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Jono grew up in London but has always been a keen observer of the natural world: "I started drawing animals and insects when I was young and basically never stopped; the complexity of nature continues to challenge and inspire me."After studying Art and Design at Chelsea School of Art and Kingston University he moved to rural Italy in 2003. The fascinating ecosystems of the Monte Amiata, evolving right on his doorstep, and the abundance of the surrounding wildlife provide the inspiration for his creative vision - Endangered Pieces - forging a bridge between art and science, nature and craft.

His work attempts to capture and celebrate elements of our natural puzzle, fix them in time, give enduring form to their essence. Shape and textures, lines and colours, creatures and movement: each object aspires to the irreducible elegance of nature. The dense exhilarating network of organisms and ecosystems that sustain life on Earth - but the intimate connection between ourselves and the natural world is easily overlooked. In our Anthropocene Era it is often hard to connect the dots, to relate our personal micro with the cosmic macro: we try to figure it out, make the pieces fit. Untangle the nodes of the web. But the world changes faster than we care to know: evaporating, disappearing, melting. Endangered.

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